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7.3 Virtual Machine Errors

A Java Card virtual machine may encounter internal errors or resource limitations that prevent it from executing correctly written Java programs. While The Java Virtual Machine Specification allows reporting and handling of virtual machine errors, it also states that they cannot ordinarily be handled by application code. This Virtual Machine Specification for the Java Card Platform, v2.2.2 is more restrictive in that it does not allow for any reporting or handling of unrecoverable virtual machine errors at the application code level. A virtual machine error is considered unrecoverable if further execution could compromise the security or correct operation of the virtual machine or underlying system software. When an unrecoverable error occurs, the virtual machine will halt bytecode execution. Responses beyond halting the virtual machine are implementation-specific policies and are not mandated in this specification.

In the case where the virtual machine encounters a recoverable error, such as insufficient memory to allocate a new object, it will throw a SystemException with an error code describing the error condition. The Virtual Machine Specification for the Java Card Platform, v2.2.2 cannot predict where resource limitations or internal errors may be encountered and does not mandate precisely when they can be reported. Thus, a SystemException may be thrown at any time during the operation of the Java Card virtual machine.

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