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11.1.6 Installer Privileges

Although an Installer may be implemented as an applet, an Installer typically requires access to features that are not available to other applets. For example, depending on the Java Card RE implementer's implementation, the Installer will need to do the following tasks:

  • Read and write directly to memory, bypassing the object system and/or standard security.
  • Access objects owned by other applets or by the Java Card RE.
  • Invoke non-entry point methods of the Java Card RE.
  • Be able to invoke the install method of a newly installed applet.

Again, it is up to each Java Card RE implementer to determine the Installer implementation and supply such features in their Java Card RE implementations as necessary to support their Installer. Java Card RE implementers are also responsible for the security of such features, so that they are not available to normal applets.

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