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4.1.1 Card Reset Behavior

The following describes card reset behavior:

1. After card reset (or power on, which is a form of reset) on the contacted I/O interface, the Java Card RE performs its initialization and checks to see if its internal state indicates that a particular applet instance is the default applet instance for the basic logical channel. If so, the Java Card RE makes this applet instance the currently selected applet instance on the basic logical channel, and the applet's select method is called. If this method throws an exception or returns false, the Java Card RE sets its state to indicate that no applet is active on the basic logical channel.

When a default card applet instance becomes active upon card reset, it shall not require its process method to be called. The applet instance's process method is not called during default applet selection because there is no SELECT FILE APDU.

2. The Java Card RE ensures that the Answer to Reset (ATR) was sent and the card is now ready to accept APDU commands.

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