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javacard:jcre: Constrained Transfers With No Chaining

When the no chaining mode of output transfer is requested by the applet by calling the setOutgoingNoChaining method, the following protocol specifics shall be followed:


Le = CAD expected length.

Lr = Applet response length set via setOutgoingLength method.

The transport protocol sequence shall not use block chaining. Specifically, the M-bit (more data bit) shall not be set in the PCB of the I-blocks during the transfers (ISO/IEC 7816-3:2004). The entire outgoing data (Lr bytes) shall be transferred in one I-block.

If the applet aborts early and sends less than Lr bytes, zeros shall be sent instead to complete the remaining length of the block.

Note - When the no chaining mode is used (meaning, after the invocation of the setOutgoingNoChaining method), calls to the waitExtension method shall throw an APDUException with reason code ILLEGAL_USE.

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