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3.4 deselect Method(s)

When the Java Card RE receives a SELECT FILE APDU command in which the name matches the AID of an applet, the Java Card RE calls the Applet.deselect method of the currently selected applet or, if concurrently selected on more than one logical channel, its MultiSelectable.deselect method. For more details see Section 4.2, Multiselectable Applets. Applet deselection may also be requested by the MANAGE CHANNEL CLOSE command. For more details, see Section 4.6, Applet Deselection.

The deselect method allows the applet to perform any cleanup operations that may be required to allow some other applet to execute.

The Applet.selectingApplet method shall return false when called during the deselect method. Exceptions thrown by the deselect method are caught by the Java Card RE, but the applet is deselected.

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