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3. Java Card Applet Lifetime

For the purposes of this specification, applet refers to an applet written for the Java Card platform. An applet instance's lifetime begins when it is successfully registered with the Java Card RE via the Applet.register method. Applets registered with the Applet.register method exist until deleted by the Applet Deletion Manager ( Section 11.3, The Applet Deletion Manager). The Java Card RE initiates interactions with the applet via the applet's public methods install, select, deselect, and process. An applet shall implement the static install(byte[], short, byte) method. If the install(byte[], short, byte) method is not implemented, the applet's objects cannot be created or initialized. A Java Card RE implementation shall call an applet's install, select, deselect, and process methods as described below.

When the applet is installed on the smart card, the static install(byte[], short, byte) method is called once by the Java Card RE for each applet instance created. The Java Card RE shall not call the applet's constructor directly.

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