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6.1.1 Firewall Protection

The Java Card technology-based firewall (Java Card firewall) provides protection against the most frequently anticipated security concern: developer mistakes and design oversights that might allow sensitive data to be “leaked” to another applet. An applet may be able to obtain an object reference from a publicly accessible location. However, if the object is owned by an applet protected by its own firewall, the requesting applet must satisfy certain access rules before it can use the reference to access the object.

The firewall also provides protection against incorrect code. If incorrect code is loaded onto a card, the firewall still protects objects from being accessed by this code.

The Runtime Environment Specification, Java Card Platform, Version 2.2.2 specifies the basic minimum protection requirements of contexts and firewalls because the features described in this document are not transparent to the applet developer. Developers shall be aware of the behavior of objects, APIs, and exceptions related to the firewall.

Java Card RE implementers are free to implement additional security mechanisms beyond those of the applet firewall, as long as these mechanisms are transparent to applets and do not change the externally visible operation of the VM.

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