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9.4.1 T=0 Specifics for Outgoing Data Transfers

The setOutgoing and setOutgoingNoChaining methods in the APDU class are used to specify that data needs to be returned to the CAD. These methods return the expected length (Le) value as follows when extended length semantics are not enabled (see Section, Extended Length API Semantics):

ISO 7816-4 CASE 1: Not applicable. Assume Case 2

ISO 7816-4 CASE 2: P3 (If P3=0, 256)

ISO 7816-4 CASE 3: Not applicable. Assume Case 4

ISO 7816-4 CASE 4: 256

For compatibility with legacy CAD/terminals that do not support block chained mechanisms, the APDU class allows a non-chained transfer mode selection via the setOutgoingNoChaining method. The related behaviors are discussed in the following sections.

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