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9.7 Optional Extension Packages

Some API packages in the Java Card technology are designated as extension packages and may be optionally supported by an implementation. But, if supported, all the classes in the package and its subpackages must be implemented by the platform and reside on the card.

The following are optional Java Card technology extension packages:

  • javacardx.apdu - This package enables support for advanced APDU mechanisms. This package must be implemented if and only if the platform supports the extended length APDU protocol defined in the ISO 7816-4:2005 Specification.
  • javacardx.biometry - This package contains classes and interfaces which can be used to build a biometric server application.
  • javacardx.crypto - This package contains functionality, which may be subject to export controls, for implementing a security and cryptography framework.
  • javacardx.external - This package contains functionality, for implementing mechanisms to access memory subsystems which are not directly addressable by the Java Card RE on the Java Card platform.
  • javacardx.framework - This package contains a framework of classes and interfaces for efficiently implementing typical Java Card technology-based applets. If implemented, this package must include all the contained sub-packages - util, math, and tlv.

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