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8.2.1 Applet Selection

The selection command used to retrieve the initial reference is the ISO 7816-4 SELECT FILE command, with the following options in the header:

  • Direct selection by DF Name, that is, selection by AID. This is the normal option used to select all applet instances in the Java Card platform.
  • Return FCI (File Control Information - ISO7816-4), optional template. This is an additional option that indicates that the applet is expected to return FCI information.

In addition, an alternate RFU variant of the Return FCI option is required to configure the RMIService for an alternate Java Card RMI protocol format. For more details see Section 8.4.1, SELECT FILE Command.

The answer to this command is a constructed TLV (tag-length-value) data structure (ISO 7816-6) that includes the following information:

  • The byte to be used as instruction byte (INS) for subsequent invocation commands.
  • The initial remote object reference descriptor. The descriptor includes the remote object identifier and information to identify the associated class.
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