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javacard:jcre: Applet.getShareableInterfaceObject(AID, byte) Method

This method is implemented by the server applet instance. It shall be called by the Java Card RE to mediate between a client applet that requests to use an object belonging to another applet, and the server applet that makes its objects available for sharing.

The default behavior shall return null, which indicates that an applet does not participate in inter-applet communication.

A server applet that is intended to be invoked from another applet needs to override this method. This method should examine the clientAID and the parameter. If the clientAID is not one of the expected AIDs, the method should return null. Similarly, if the parameter is not recognized or if it is not allowed for the clientAID, the method also should return null. Otherwise, the applet should return an SIO of the shareable interface type that the client has requested.

The server applet need not respond with the same SIO to all clients. The server can support multiple types of shared interfaces for different purposes and use clientAID and parameter to determine which kind of SIO to return to the client.

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